A European and world leader in the field of children’s education and entertainment. This program introduces different topics in sciences through interactive presentations and workshops to create fun. And incorporate practical training through amazing interactive activities enjoyed by children. The workshops based on the children’s actively participation that is supported by the expertise and scientific knowledge. Workshops and presentations are led by a team who are trained on a unique educational methodology, where workshops are focused on stimulating the imagination of the children. At the same time, get them to experience and explore. And adopting the program activities of the science curriculum in schools to enable the children to understand the course material effectively.

The program offers the following services:

  • Presentations and educational workshops to explain the science for children in its original form in an innovative way.
  • Working with various organizations such as schools, government agencies,
    companies and various associations to do workshops and field trips to The Learning Zone to cover the following topics:

    1. Water Conservation.
    2. Energy Saving.
    3. Health and hygiene.
    4. Environmental Sciences.
    5. Harmful effects of smoking.
    6. Waste recycling and environmental conservation.

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