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1 – It is forbidden to attend any facilities with the subscriber and to deliver and receive the child without entering the site.

2- It is necessary to ensure that the subscriber takes a meal before attending, because there is no special paragraph for eating in order to preserve the safety of the subscribers.

3- It is prohibited to bring any accessories (bags, etc.) with the subscriber.

4- It is necessary to bring the water container of each participant, taking care to write his name on it.

5- It is necessary to provide us with the license plate number (or two plates) to which the subscriber will be delivered upon leaving the registration form

6- A request for the participants to be received at the end of the camp by sending a message
on Whatsapp: 0500250733

Message text:
(I would like to receive the subscriber …… group color ……… car number ……..)

* You will be provided with the color of the group of each participant upon registration.

7 – It is necessary to continuously raise awareness of our subscribers about the importance of muzzle, washing hands frequently and maintaining a safe distance during the day, in order to unify efforts to ensure their safety.

8- You will be provided with a comprehensive file of the programs applied in the camp, and the prevention protocols of our center, which rely on reliable references, to return with caution.

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