• The Learning Zone offers school visits to its premises for boys from kindergarten to fourth grade and for girls from kindergarten to middle school.
  • We could accommodate 90 children of one school trip.
  • The price of the visit per child 65 with the meal.

The school visit program are as follows:

  1. Welcoming the children and their teachers.
  2. Putting the children into groups to do the workshops alternately.
  3. Each workshop lasts one hour.
  4. Provide a snack for children, and coffee and sweets for teachers.
  5. Children and their teacher Departure.






What programs does the center offer for the Trips to Learning Zone?

Our center is an entertaining and educational center offers two programs Nutty Scientist and KidzArt program with kinetic games.

What is the maximum number of children for the Trips to Learning Zone?

The maximum number of children for the Trips to Learning Zone is 70 – 80 students.

How much the price of a child?

SR with the meal for primary school students.

Is there a discount if the number of students are more than 40 students?

Yes, in case of the presence of the school’s students throughout the week, from Sunday to Thursday and the number of students per day from 50-80 student, the price will becomes of 50 SR with the meal.

Can we choose one program?

Yes, you can do so.

Is the center’s programs serving themes and schools units?

Yes, It is.

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